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NSA320: In ffp package there is no as mentioned in the description on this page. "NSA-320, NSA-325, NSA-325v2, NSA310S, NSA320S, TDC Homebox, on FFP-Stick version 2012-03-19 or newer Rename to nsa310_check_file_C0, replacing the original nsa310_check_file_C0. " But instead in the README is mentioned to Rename nsa310_check_file_C0.Zy_Private to nsa310_check_file_C0 Not mentioned is to do this also for the NSA320.

My NSA320 with FW V4.40(AFO.0) does not react to the current FFPStick-2012-05-28 at all. I did move the to nsa310_check_file_C0. Any ideas?

Solved. The USB sticks MBR was "Superfloppy", but "Basic MBR" was needed. I believe "Superfloppy" means formatted as device and "Basic MBR" means partitioned. After telnet was available, I had to set root password manually to get ssh access; admin password did not work.

Installing FFP using the 325 V2 package manager.

Download from the Zyxel FTP server. This is the package which will be installed via the package manager.

Download the from the same FTP server. This is a configuration file which contains the installable packages. Usually this file will be downloaded from the Zyxel-servers along with the packages. As we do not want the automatic download of the ZYPKGS (and therefore our file being overwritten), the internet connection of the NAS needs to be disconnected (do not disconnect it from the LAN, as we need to access it via the web-interface)

Now put the 2 files onto the NAS. If you named your storage ‘Volume1′, as it is by default, you need to put it into the following path: \\...\Volume1\admin\zy-pkgs\

At last we need to install the package: Visit your web-interface, enter the management area and see if there is the ffp package available in your package list. Again: Disconnect your internet connection. If the installation stops at 5% and the list rebuilds without FFP being in the list anymore, you downloaded a new ZYPKGS file from the web.

After the installation you can connect via SSH