Flashing firmware

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Normal procedure

The box checks automatically if a new firmware is available, and will inform you.
If you disabled this, you can manually upload a .bin file in the administrator menu, in Maintenance->FW Upgrade
The firmware is distributed in zip files, so you'll first have to extract it.

During the upgrade the sys led will be blinking orange. You should *not* shutdown the box while this led is orange.


If you are running an FFP-stick, first shutdown the box, remove the stick, and restart the box.
If you are running an FFP zypkg, first disable it (removing is not necessary), and reboot the box.


Sometimes uploading through the webinterface gives an 'invalid file' error. If you are upgrading to 4.40+, you should first bring your firmware to the latest pre-4.40 firmware for your box.
If that doesn't apply to you, try another browser.


Firmwares 4.40 and newer have an EABI kernel, while the older firmwares have an OABI kernel. EABI packages can not run on an OABI kernel, and can kill your webinterface. So if you are planning to downgrade from fw 4.40+ to below, first remove all installed packages.

Force flashing

If the webinterface refuses to accept your firmware file (or if the firmware is damaged that way the webinterface doesn't come up, and a factory reset doesn't cure it) you can force flashing by using an USB stick.

Warning.png Warning: There might be a good reason why the firmware is refused. Forcing a flash could brick your box.

310 (and maybe other 300 series too)

Download universal_usb_key_func.zip, extract it to a FAT formatted usb stick. Download force_flash.zip, extract it to the same stick. Put your firmware.bin file on the stick, and rename it to ras.bin. Read the README to see if your box needs special treatment.
Plug the stick in your box and boot it.
The sysled should start blinking orange. DO NOT TURN OFF THE BOX WHILE THE SYSLED IS ORANGE. If all leds turn to blinking red, some error occurred. The stick should contain an exec.log which tells you more.

Warning.png Warning: If the SYS led turns blinking green, and the HD and COPY led turn red, it means the firmware has the wrong hardware tag. Then you have 1 minute to pull the power plug

After a minute the SYS led will turn blinking orange again, and firmware will be flashed anyway. I suppose the big red warning already told you this could kill your box. So make sure that you know what you are doing!