Firmware releases (NSA-210)

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Modification in V4.40(AFD.2)C0 | 09/03/2012

Modification in V4.23(AFD.0)C0 | 10/17/2011

  • Enhancement/ Change
    • Upgrade online help for V4.23 Series
    • Add sata auto share per volume: For admin SAMBA easy access, one share for whole volume
    • Add option for user to disable media server (prevent from being browsed by UPNP devices)
    • Add option for user to disable generate thumbnail to speed up building media server database.
    • Limit FTP file numbers up to 200,000
  • Fix
    • The status of Media Server is incorrect
    • The file name isn’t correct if the file system is NTFS when browsing with win7
    • The buttons will disappear in Folder Browser if the screen solution is 1366*768
    • After resetting to default, the IP address is set as static address(shall be dynamic)

Modification in V4.20(AFD.0)C0 | 04/13/2011

  • Enhancement/ Change
    • IE9 support
    • Support HDD greater than 2T
    • Add BT selective download
    • Add option for user to disable media server (prevent from being browsed by UPNP devices)
    • Add Download service email notify
    • Flash player detection
    • Confirm whether overwrite or not when HTTP uploading
    • Alert user if Google Map isn’t available
    • User can choose whether auto repair or not when volume scanning
    • WebGUI: Add Czech, Hungarian and Polish Language support
    • Linkcapture: Add Czech, Hungarian and Polish Language support
    • Support Media Server APE and FLAC file format
    • Support ID-3 Tag in Media Server
    • Fix GPHY (IC+ IP1001) IOP issue with 802.1az Ethernet Switch

Modification in V4.10(AFD.0)C0 | 10/13/2010

  • Enhancement/ Change
    • Only stop system service when necessary to speed-up the hotplug remove of eSATA JBOD volume
    • Add win7 LLTD, PnP-X support
    • Add playzone support for Windows and MAC OS X10.4/10.5
    • Upgrade Download Service library (libtorrent) from 0.14.3 to 0.15.1
    • Add option to enable / disable DHT in download service
    • Add ID3 tag decoding support
    • Improve Web File Browser File Upload Speed
    • Show public IP in Package link if user is connecting form internet
    • Enable Online FW upgrade by default
    • Change the size limit of youtube auto-upload from 100MB to 2GB
    • Add “UPNP IGD Controller”
    • FTP uploder will keep the tree structure of sub-folder

Modification in V3.21(AFD.0)C0 | 06/17/2010

  • Enhancement
    • Add Thai Language support
    • Make FTP uploader can upload sub-folder to the server
  • Fix
    • Solve PPPoE can not access GUI using http from WAN
    • Solve issue that some username can not be used (such as fax, rpm, vcsa, sshd, mailnull, smmsp, squid, webalizer, named, gdm, amanda, canna, wnn, netdump, ident, postfix, mailman, postfres, privoxy, pvm, desktop, radvd)
    • Fix download service rehash and redownload issue
    • Fix eSATA compatible issue

Modification in V3.20(AFD.0)C0 | 07/06/2009

  • Initial version