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TDC Homedisk

There are at least two versions of the NSA-310 'in the wild'. The rebranded TDC Homedisk, and the 'genuine' NSA-310. Yet another version was presented at CeBIT 2007, but I never found evidence that it has actually been sold. According to the GPL sources there are at least 3 different versions, the TDC, the OBM and the SGW.

CPU 88F6281 A1 (DDR2) 1200MHz
ARM926EJ-S rev 1 (v5l) 1200 BogoMIPS.
RAM 256MiB
Flash ROM 128MiB
NIC Gigabit
USB 2x 2.0
Internal HDD 1x Internal SATA I/II connector
Other 1x eSata port
Fan Yes