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Medion Life P89626/P89630/P89635/P89636 aka NSA-212
CPU PLX-NAS7820Dual Core ARM, 750 MHz, 299 BogoMIPS (per core)
RAM 128MiB
Flash ROM 128MiB
NIC Gigabit
USB 2x USB 2.0 ports, oxnas-ehci driver
Internal HDD 1x Internal SATA I/II connector
SATA Controller Oxford Semiconductor OX820
Kernel Linux
Disk size Type Size
P89625 (MD 86517) 1TB
P89626 (MD 86407) 1.5TB
P89630 (MD 86587) 2TB
P89631 (MD 86729) 3TB
P89660 (MD 86979) 2TB
P89639 (MD 86942) 2TB


The Medion Life P89626/P89630/P89635/P89636 is a one bay NAS device with digital media functionality. Looking ate the firmware it's obvious that it's actually a ZyXEL NAS. The GPL sources, (as provided by Medion) contains a file called Readme_212.txt, which contains build instructions for the NSA-212.


The firmware is versions 1.00(UZD.2) or 1.01(UZD.2)

USB disks and fun_plug

NSA-212 will mount and run FFP from USB-disks, but only if they are VFAT-formatted.


On the NSA-212 (tested on firmware 1.01) it is possible to edit /zyxel/mnt/sysdisk/sysdisk.img. Other NAS firmware will detect that the checksum has changed and overwrite sysdisk.img with a fresh copy from firmware on reboot. But the NSA-212 only checks if sysdisk.img has disappeared.

The firmware (in /etc/init.d/rcS) loop-mounts sysdisk.img as /ram-bin and bind /ram-bin/usr/ to /usr /etc/init.d/rcS then calls programs in /usr/sbin

This means that it possible to change the software of the NSA-212 without relying on booting FFP from a USB-drive. We just need to put a hook into something /usr that is called once during boot.

For example:

  • copy /zyxel/mnt/sysdisk/sysdisk.img to a linux computer (copy to /i-data/md0/admin/ and FTP from there)
  • loopmounted sysdisk.img on Linux computer: mkdir ns; mount -o loop sysdisk.img ns; cd ns
  • in sbin/ add the line /zyxel/mnt/sysdisk/fun_plug
  • unmount ns, copy sysdisk.img back to the nas in /zyxel/mnt/sysdisk/
  • install ffp in /zyxel/mnt/sysdisk/

Links (German Wiki)

Other boxes with the same housing

Lately (2014) Medion sells boxes with the same housing, which are totally different. They have a Kirkwood SoC, and run HipServ OS. A list of those boxes:

P89650 MD 86946 2TB
P89655 MD 90228 3TB

Further there are boxes which look like a 2 bay NSA212, which also have a Kirkwood SoC and HipServ OS.

P89634 MD 86783 2x2TB

Source: Dual bay Single bay